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QUORTHON's Family Thanks Fans For Their Support

The family of late BATHORY mastermind Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg has issued a statement thanking everyone for their support during the weeks that have passed since the legendary black metal pioneer was found dead at his apartment in Stockholm as a result of an apparent heart failure.

The statement reads as follows:

"A son a brother a friend an unique artist has been taken from us in June 2004.

"Ace/Quorthon's family and the Black Mark crew hereby thanks all of you who made time for leaving condolences, callings, letters, flowers, lyrics, paintings and all kind of well thought support at this hard time. It is a true comfort, it is helping us to go on, somehow. It's fine to know, that BATHORY's horde is still the best.

"We hope for your understanding that we do not have much to say these sad days.

"Sincerely, Börje Forsberg & Klaudia & the family of Ace 'Quorthon' Forsberg"
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